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I am a dreamer by default & have trouble in the waking world. Often you will find me sitting by windows, staring. A minute ago I imagined I was less than four inches tall. I was standing beside an overgrown dandelion, waiting for a crow to pick me up & fly me to town.

I talk to animals. Last spring I encountered a tiny brown rabbit that seemed harried. I asked if I could be of some help but it just stared, its nose twitching.

I am really excellent at brooding. & when the sun shines for three consecutive days or longer, I want to take a bat to the sky. Beating the sky would undoubtedly leave a bruise.

I can walk on my hands. Feet are not always trustworthy; they like to play games & lead people to horrible places.

Carrying on conversations is rather tiresome, which is why I tend to keep to myself. Of course, conversing with my old lover was a delightful way to pass the time. Like me, he talked with his hands. & his sentences tapered off. Maybe they rounded corners, maybe they disintegrated. They never came to full stops. I miss him.

I cannot carry a tune from the bathroom sink to the tub. Whenever I try, I end up dropping them. Half-realized notes all over the place, seeping like water into cracks.

I am frightened of centipedes. To me, they resemble eyelashes that detached themselves during an outbreak of conjunctivitis.

I once wore a fox mask to the cinema, one that ties in the back.

I am tall & have poor posture. If I live long enough to celebrate my 70th birthday, my back will be curved like a crescent moon. If only I could glow.

© Bianca Stewart